52ND Cycle LEAP Payment

The Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) Programme since its inception in 2008 has been positively improving the conditions and life paths of its beneficiary household members, extreme poor and vulnerable persons in Ghana.

This month marks the 52nd Cycle LEAP Grant Payment of the Programme. The 52nd Cycle payment is scheduled for (Monday) 22nd to (Friday) 26th January 2018. This payment is for the months of November and December, 2017. At the pay points or banking halls in all the 216 Metropolitan/Municipal/District Assemblies (MMDAs), recipients undergo biometric verification to cash-out the grant.

One eligible member household receives GHC64.00, two eligible member household receives GHC76.00, while three eligible member household receives GHC88.00 and four and more eligible member household receives GHC106.00.

Beneficiaries are reminded not to give any portions of their cash grants to persons outside the household. They are also encouraged to report persons who try to extort monies from them by using the appropriate LEAP Programme Case Management Mechanisms.

We wish to thank our stakeholders/partners (DFID, World Bank, UNICEF, Civil Societies, and the Media) and the general public for their continued support towards the implementation and sustainability of the LEAP Programme.

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