The Payment Unit is responsible for payroll functions regarding beneficiary grants- It generates the payroll for each cycle of payment and advises the accounts unit to effect funds transfers to a contracted third party payment service provider. The Unit ensures that approved grant amounts are paid every two months to beneficiaries on the LEAP register. The payment to beneficiary caregivers is done through a contracted third party service provider: currently the Government has contracted the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement System (GHIPSS) – a subsidiary of the Bank of Ghana—to pay beneficiaries electronically using the E-zwich platform.

GHIPSS effects payment to beneficiaries or care-givers of beneficiaries using licensed financial institutions located within a radius 5 kilometres of the communities of the beneficiaries. The second level of verification of beneficiaries before payment is by the use of biometric fingerprint. This feature makes the payment system of LEAP robust and also one of the largest scale e-payment.

The LEAP grant is a household grant, and the amount received by a household is determined by the number of eligible members in the households. Currently, the amount received by the number of household membership are depicted below:

Households with one eligible member – GHS 64.00 per payment cycle

Households with two eligible members –GHS 76.00 per payment cycle

Households with three eligible members – GHS 88.00 per payment cycle

Households with four or more eligible members –GHS 106.00 per payment cycle

Since the implementation of the Programme in 2008 to date the value of the grants received by beneficiaries has undergone two adjustments (in January, 2012 and September, 2015) to take care of inflation and the increasing cost of living as well as meet basic household consumption.

The Payment Unit is also responsible for reconciliation after payment is effected by the third party payment service provider. It advises the Accounts unit to initiate call for refunds when necessary.