Statement On Implementation Of Emergency LEAP

Hon. Otiko Afisah Djaba

Honorable Otiko Afisah Djaba – Former Minister (Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection)

A few days ago, torrential rains in Tamale and its environs was reported to have left hundreds homeless and dozens displaced as it swept through the area. The National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) is at the forefront conducting an assessment to identify all affected persons and in the interim, provide relief items.

Again, other disasters have been reported; tidal wave in Keta Municipality, Nkwanta South, Prestea/Huni Valley, Kintampo North (Waterfall Disaster) and Samireboa-WR
In line with the Ghana’s Social Protection Policy and the Ministry’s mandate to protect all vulnerable and disadvantaged persons in Ghana, Emergency Cash Grant (Emergency LEAP) will be provided to the affected persons in the various districts to prevent the use of negative coping strategies. The Cash grant will serve as a buffer against the harsh impact of the disaster and prevent these households and families from adopting negative coping strategies such as reduced investment in education, nutrition, health and sale of their assets as a mechanism meet their consumption needs.
Through the Emergency LEAP programme, the Ministry we will assess the affected areas, and in conjunction with NADMO officials in the various districts, identify all individuals that have been displaced by these disasters. The affected persons shall be paid cash grants for a period of three months to complement the assistance of NADMO which mainly provide the relief items.
The disbursement of the cash grant to the identified and validated beneficiaries shall be through the Ezwich platform of the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlements System (GHIPSS) where beneficiaries will be validated by their biometric fingerprints prior to the receipt of their cash grants.
Officials of the MoGCSP and NADMO from National and district levels will be engaged to monitor the process and ensure a smooth implementation of the activities at all levels.


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