The LEAP Management Secretariat (LMS) under the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection wish to inform stakeholders that Government has released funds for the nationwide payment of the cash grants for the 75th   and 76th cycles to 344, 786 beneficiary households of the LEAP Programme. The payment starts on 18th April 2022. During this payment (76th cyc1e), LEAP beneficiaries will receive double their usual bi-monthly grant amount because delay in the payment of the 75th  cycle cash grant. As has been the practice, beneficiaries will be paid their social cash grants through e-zwich at designated pay-points in their respective communities and the premises of the participating financial institutions.

As a goal, LEAP Programme seeks to smoothen consumption, promote access to social services through linkages and stimulate behavioural change toward productive activities by the provision of cash grants to extremely poor and vulnerable households. The current beneficiaries are means-tested to be extremely poor with the following category of vulnerabilities that make the households eligible for the LEAP Programme:

(1) elderly 65 and beyond without support;

(2) orphan and vulnerable children

(3) persons with severe disability who cannot work; and

(4) pregnant women or mothers with children under one year.